The Portera approach is driven by our mission to provide world-class, comprehensive, health care. We employ the latest in therapeutic techniques and procedures to help you reach your recovery as quickly as possible. Our approach to each case is unique because each patient is different and requires a strategy that works best for the individual.


How Does It Work?

First we do a brief interview to get the following information:

  • How the injury happened?
  • What are the contributing factors?
  • What are your symptoms?
  • What makes it better or worse?
  • What are your goals?

Following this, we examine how you move, then use manual testing and soft tissue techniques to gain a complete understanding of the exact nature of your pain and injury. Is it just tension/tightness? Is it a sprain or strain? Is there tissue damage or something more serious?

With this information we can determine how injury to your soft tissue structures (such as ligaments, tendons, muscles and fascia) affects your movement.

Lastly, our therapists look at how your muscle strength has impacted movement patterns and function and formulate a plan of care to help you return to your previous level of function.

Through the use of rehabilitation exercises and techniques, they can help you reverse the abnormal movement patterns your body has adopted in response to injury. This strategy is the pinnacle of evidence-based approach and the cornerstone of our therapeutic plan.